Advertising Headlines


Mobile ad fraud rates double

Mobile ad fraud is worse than ever, new research suggests.


Google to phase out old Adwords version by year end

Google announced Monday that the old AdWords interface will hit the dustbin by the end of the year.


Digital advertising has neglected audiences. Now we’re paying the price

Digital advertising is broken. Despite significant evolution and development over the last two decades, participants are unhappy and performance continues to deteriorate.


Facebook change continues to bring traffic drop to local news sites

When Facebook changed its algorithm earlier this year to focus on “meaningful” interactions, publishers across the board were hit hard. However, local news seemed particularly vulnerable to the alterations.


SCS installs enterprise ad services and logistics technology at Times-Shamrock Creative Services (TSCS)

SCS is pleased to announce that Times-Shamrock Creative Services (TSCS), of Scranton, PA, has replaced its legacy ad tracking system with SCS/Track. The project went live on March 19, 2018 with nearly 400 users nationwide.


Why it's so hard to market marijuana

The marijuana industry is booming, but it's hard for pot growers and sellers to advertise and promote their products.


How to fight ad fraud in digital advertising

A watershed moment exists in the digital marketing sphere that could mold the future of the industry for years to come.


When it counts, Facebook buys newspaper ads

Facebook has nearly two billion users, and at the touch of a button it could deliver a message to every one of them.


Rethinking display advertising

As media brands try to figure out their long-term monetization strategies, which may include paywalls, micropayments or alliances, many still heavily rely on display advertising, mainly programmatic.


Google, Target issue first voice-activated coupon for Google Assistant

Google has issued its first voice-activated coupon, a $15 offer for Target orders placed on shopping service Google Express via Google Assistant.


Facebook Marketplace now accepting paid ads

Facebook has opened up Marketplace to paid advertising for the first time. The program, which launched under the radar in January, has had no promotion other than a couple of “how to” pages in the Facebook Advertiser Help section of the site.


Peter Wagner's 'Get Real' column: Grow your publication with consistent support pages

Yes, you read that right! Newspapers should never say they are selling signature pages. The description “signature page” doesn’t carry any feeling of value or purpose. The description “Community support page” presents an image of importance, local consensus and relationship.


Is P&G down on digital advertising or just plain rational?

Procter & Gamble’s chief brand officer made headlines earlier this month when he announced the CPG giant had slashed its digital advertising budget by more than $200m in 2017. Marc Pritchard’s outspoken comments on digital are a refreshing reality check in an industry awash in hype.


3 reasons why B2B digital advertising has reached the tipping point

Recently, eMarketer revealed its first business-to-business digital ads forecast, estimating that the space will total $4.6 billion in 2018, up 13 percent from last year’s $4.07 billion. And when comparing this year’s forecast to 2013, B2B digital ad budgets will have grown by 111 percent in only five years.


How to use contests to increase your ad revenue

Advertisers want to build relationships with your readers and have a way to market to them directly at a time when that person is most receptive to their offerings. The contest advertising campaign both encourages engagement with readers, and collects data from those readers.


TV may have entered permanent ad recession

According to Magna, the U.S. TV advertising marketplace -- with the exception of local growth in election years -- is now in a permanent ad recession.


Amazon moving harder, faster into advertising space

Amazon’s focus on advertising is picking up steam. One sign: In the last few months, agency media buyers say they now hear from the company at least twice as often as they did last year.


Mather issues report on reducing circulation churn

Print publications across the industry are experiencing declining circulation volumes.


The moment of truth has come for digital advertising’s transparency problem

The lack of transparency in the world of online media—which has led some to describe today’s content landscape as the “Wild Wild West”—has long been an elephant in the room. But for brand marketers, 2018 is the year that it becomes the focal point of conversation.


API releases comprehensive study on what drives readers to subscribe

Funding for the news industry is going through an epochal change, the implications of which cannot be overstated. In the future, virtually all signals suggest less of the revenue will come from advertising and more from consumers paying for news.


No one really has any idea how many eyeballs are watching TV shows

We're currently in the era of 'peak TV' - with 500 or more scripted series being produced — but nobody seems to have a good handle on how many people are actually watching them.


Amazon’s ad business grew 60 percent this quarter

In its fourth-quarter earnings today, Amazon reported that “other” revenue, which mostly means advertising, plus its co-branded credit card agreements, increased to $1.7 billion in the fourth quarter. That’s 60 percent growth year over year.


Google: Slow page loading will lower your mobile search rankings

Starting in July, Google will include page speed among the factors that determine mobile search optimisation and by extension, page ranking in search results.


NMA issues advisory on marijuana advertising

Legal medical marijuana looms in Ohio. Meanwhile, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has signaled a crackdown on federal marijuana laws. How does this affect the potential for advertisers to market marijuana availability in Ohio?


Nielsen study: 80% of households using circulars, other print marketing

According to a 2017 Nielsen Homescan study, about 80% of U.S. households still use circulars and other traditional, printed sources for product information.


Study: Consumers prefer print circulars to digital ones

When making grocery purchasing decisions, 80% of U.S. households use printed advertising circulars more than they do any digital sources of information, according to a Nielsen Homescan study reported by Food Navigator.


Here are the 4 stories we think will shape media and advertising in 2018

2017 was a year of intense disruption in the worlds of media and marketing. And if anything, it was all but a precursor to what lies ahead.


Amazon aims to snatch digital ad revenue from Google and Facebook

As Amazon becomes ever larger and expands into new lines of business, the Seattle e-commerce behemoth is turning its sights on the golden goose of two Silicon Valley rivals: digital advertising.


Six surprising facts about time spent with media

It is common knowledge that US consumers fill their waking hours with media usage. But how people split up their media time may surprise you. Here's some data drawn from eMarketer's latest estimates for time spent with media.


Peter Wagner's 'Get Real' column: What do we mean when we discuss 'classified'?

I admit I get confused when the conversation turns to the loss of “classified” advertising. Are we talking about those small 30 to 50-word reader ads or the more serious classified display?


Political ads on Facebook now need to say who paid for them

The Federal Election Commission determined that political ads with images or videos posted on Facebook now have to include disclaimers about who paid for them.


Newspaper groups invest in ‘Moonlighting’ to grow digital classifieds

Three major local newspaper groups — McClatchy, Gannett and tronc — are partnering with Moonlighting to build a new, mobile-first base for their job classifieds, which were a big revenue source in the print era but have been devastated by new-generation digital sites.


Digital advertising 2017: A year of reckoning in review

The year 2017 at once exposed many of the industry’s vulnerabilities and was a year in which groundwork for real progress was laid.


The duopoly will capture almost all advertising growth in 2018

Digital advertising is growing, and big platforms like Google and Facebook continue to reap the profits.


Online bank uses newspaper ads to reach digital blockers

Blocking ads isn’t new, but the rapid rise of browser-based ad-blockers caught many advertisers and publishers by surprise. Now some interesting solutions are beginning to emerge that use analog media.


Peter Wagner's 'Get Real' column: Use more SALT to sell more ads

I've coined a number of maxims over the years to keep our Iowa Information sales team pointed down the road to success.


Facebook enabled advertisers to reach ‘Jew haters’

After being contacted by ProPublica, Facebook removed several anti-Semitic ad categories and promised to improve monitoring.