Advertising Headlines


Survey: Newspapers are second most prevalent local ad buy

Borrell and Associates has just released its annual Local Advertiser Survey in which over 3,500 small businesses were surveyed about their advertising plans.


Amazon becomes latest digital advertising threat

Americans are conducting 43 percent of their online shopping through Amazon, so it should come as no surprise that the web retailer is now offering vendors and brands the opportunity to leverage its vast consumer data through advertising in its Amazon Media Group.


Advertisers getting nervous about their marriage to Google, Facebook

Silicon Valley’s online tech giants are under pressure, and not just from Russia investigators. This time it is the people who pay the bills: the advertisers who are asking serious questions about whether their products were sold alongside covert Russian propaganda.


Here's why the advertising industry needs to change

It's time to short the advertising industry. This industry is being held up by shady inventory and fake users, and we need to acknowledge this before we can make a change.


Facebook tells advertisers more scrutiny is coming

Facebook is going to require ads that are targeted to people based on "politics, religion, ethnicity or social issues" to be manually reviewed before they go live, according to an email sent to advertisers and obtained by Axios.


Peter Wagner's 'Get Real' column: Use more SALT to sell more ads

I've coined a number of maxims over the years to keep our Iowa Information sales team pointed down the road to success.


Facebook to reveal funding behind political ads

In deep damage-control mode, Facebook says it will begin forcing Pages to disclose the source of funding behind political ads.


Nearly half of millennials and Gen-X watch zero on traditional TV platforms

Almost half of adults 22 to 45 years old are watching absolutely no content on traditional TV platforms, according to a new study by Omnicom Media Group agency Hearts & Science.


Senate bill would make online political ads more transparent

Legislation floated by two Democratic senators would enhance transparency for online political ads, requiring social media companies like Facebook and Twitter to keep a public file of election ads and communications.


LL Bean made a newspaper ad you can only read outdoors

Marketing that embodies a brand promise, rather than just communicating it, is always a delight. L.L.Bean gives us the latest example of this, with the outdoorsy retailer publishing a full-page newspaper ad you can only read outdoors.


IOS 11 changes help news consumers, make it harder for advertisers

Apple’s new iOS 11 operating system, set for release today, will lead to several changes in how readers consume news, be it through podcasts, Apple News, or the Web. It also brings tweaks to privacy and advertising guidelines that have implications for the news business.


Google and Facebook tighten grip on US digital ad market

It’s no longer news to say that Google and Facebook dominate the US digital ad market. But this year that supremacy is exceeding expectations, according to eMarketer’s latest digital ad spending forecast.


Google Chrome will block autoplay video starting January 2018

Only muted video and user "interest in the media" will be allowed by default.


Facebook enabled advertisers to reach ‘Jew haters’

After being contacted by ProPublica, Facebook removed several anti-Semitic ad categories and promised to improve monitoring.


How Gannett is growing its events business

To grow its events business, Gannett is thinking nationally and acting locally.


Five ways you can monetize video on Facebook

Video and Facebook: two of the biggest buzzwords in our industry, but also two of the more confounding. Local media leaders realize there’s ample opportunity in both, but are often left shrugging their shoulders when it comes to designing a strategy that combines the best of both and can be directly monetized.


Is your local dealership prepared for new era of car buying?

Buying a car is one of the largest financial decisions most consumers will make in their lifetime. And it used to be car shopping wasn’t so easy.


How publishers are preparing for Google’s ad-blocking version of Chrome

As Google prepares to roll out an ad-blocking version of Chrome, it’s been scoring websites using its Ad Experience Report.


Deck of playing cards delivered with The Marietta Times

Boxed decks of playing cards featuring an advertiser on each card are being inserted in each paper. The cards are not available in the street boxes, retail locations or at newspaper offices.


12 plus 3 equals 15 revenue ideas through 2018

It may only be July but aggressive publishers and sales managers are already planning their new promotions for next years. Here are 12 suggestions, and three extra, for producing a fresh advertising promotion for each month of the coming year.


TV station’s local news viewership continues decline

TV stations are counting heavily on local news programming in the coming years — even as their viewership continues to drop.