Who We Are

Download AdOhio's "Who We Are" booklet (right) by clicking this link.

AdOhio is a Columbus-based digital and print ad placement agency that works to get your organization's message out to Ohioans and national audiences. We build custom print and/or digital advertising networks for newspapers and their websites. 

With a focus on digital, especially in key markets, AdOhio can target your advertising based on consumer lifestyles and their media habits. We can help you in marketing your important message to your customers based on their interests, shopping habits, and more.

Not everyone realizes the convenience of our services – because of our relationship with the Ohio News Media Association, we do not charge our clients a fee to place media in Ohio, whether it’s in the digital or printed space. No campaign is too large or too small.

We exist to assist online and newspaper advertisers in the execution and placement of their media campaign, leaving all the leg work and time consuming responsibilities to us.