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Why print still matters for many marketers

By Ed Newman,

Whereas it’s true that magazine and newspaper publishing has taken a hit these past fifteen years, it would be wrongheaded to assume these forms of connecting with readers-–that is, consumers — would disappear altogether. In fact, a recent study indicates that print continues to be among the most effective media for reaching customers with your marketing messages.

A new study by the marketing analytics group Ebiquity, conducted in October 2017 and January 2018, has provided numerous insights to help businesses evaluate their marketing mix. One of the study’s aims was to not only determine the most effective marketing channels, but to discover how much the facts align with what agencies are telling (or selling to) their clients.

I don’t have space to tell you everything in this 34-page report except to say that when the facts are on the table, print is far from a dinosaur.

The researchers began by establishing criteria as regards what is important when it comes to advertising. Targetability and Return On Investment (ROI) were ranked one and two as regards what matters most. Also important: triggering a positive emotional response, increasing brand salience (top of mind), and maximizing reach.

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