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Digital advertising has neglected audiences. Now we’re paying the price

From AdWeek

Digital advertising is broken. Despite significant evolution and development over the last two decades, participants are unhappy and performance continues to deteriorate. I feel the core of this is that the advertising value exchange is incomplete. Even as digital media spend surpasses $100 billion this year, performance will disappoint and viewers of ads will come up short, not seeing one penny of it.

Programmatic advertising, once one of the most promising technologies available, has become problematic, inefficient and rife with fraud. Occurrences of Methbot, HyphBot and other well-known frauds have cost billions. Entire companies, such as Audience Science, Altitude Digital and Genesis Media, have disappeared without a discernable impact on the space. It has also left a deficient equation in the advertising value circle: the most important participant, the ad viewer, is left out. Viewers get nothing, all the while surrendering tremendous value in control of their own data along with the experience interruptions being delivered.

In order for the digital advertising ecosystem to thrive, there must be mutual benefit for all participants in the advertising value circle: advertisers, publishers and viewers.

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