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Google, Target issue first voice-activated coupon for Google Assistant

From Ad Week

Google has issued its first voice-activated coupon, a $15 offer for Target orders placed on shopping service Google Express via Google Assistant.

Google said it did not have anything to share beyond the information available on its Google Express help page, but a Google spokesperson said in an email that “Google Express customers can complete purchases hands-free through the Google Assistant, and to raise awareness for this feature, we were running a pilot with Target to help educate customers about this capability.”

A Target rep did not respond to a request for comment.

Calling coupons a natural next step in voice, Duane Forrester, vice president of industry insights at Yext, said, “What we will see is an outgrowth and learning experience applied to [the] next version of this. Google and Target have a deep partnership here for ecommerce via voice. This isn’t a scenario where they just got together to try a coupon. It’s a scenario where two of the biggest brands are setting up to oppose one of the largest brands.”

Forrester said it also shows there may be more of an appetite for voice than simply playing music and asking about the weather.

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