Meeting your advertising needs

Meeting your advertising needs

Interested in placing an advertisement with AdOhio? We are the state’s largest newspaper media ad placement service, with more than 400 newspapers and local websites.
Our ad networks save time, money

Our ad networks save time, money

We have aggregated hundreds of community newspapers and local news websites into convenient network programs, saving advertisers time and money.
Contact us for more information

Contact us for more information

To learn more about what AdOhio can do for you, contact one of our experienced representatives. No one knows Ohio advertising better than AdOhio.



Print still refuses to surrender

The readers have spoken: You can pry their newspapers from their cold, dead hands.


Facebook's inflated metrics shake the foundations of digital advertising

In October 2016, following a host of stories about how Facebook have been marking their own homework, ratings company Nielsen altered how they count a video “view” on Facebook. According to Facebook, if you watch a video for more than three seconds on the platform, that counts as a “view.” But Facebook didn’t count anyone who didn’t watch or watched for less than three seconds, massively inflating average viewing time.


Fake news, ad fraud could drive ad dollars out of digital

Ad quality issues, such as fraud and viewability, have been the plight of the digital advertising industry for some time. But the 2016 US presidential election cycle unearthed another threat to quality: fake news.

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