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The functions of the Ohio Circulation Managers Association are now under the umbrella of the Ohio News Media Association. In June 2013, the ONMA’s board of trustees voted unanimously on a resolution to accept the remaining assets of the Ohio Circulation Managers Association, which was disbanding.

The resolution stated the ONMA’s intent to continue key activities of the OCMA, particularly its successful annual fall conference. A new ONMA committee, the ONMA Circulation Managers Committee, includes members of the most recent OCMA board.

2019 Carrier of the Year Award Nominations

Nominations are now open for the Carrier of the Year Award. Deadline to nominate is December 20!

To see past winners, go here.


To learn more about the activities of the ONMA Circulation Managers Committee contact:

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Len Blose, Committee Co-Chair
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To provide information for the Circulation pages or to submit circulation-related items for the Bulletin newsletter, contact:

Rob Jenney, ONMA Circulation Managers Committee Website Chair
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The Ohio Circulation Managers Association was founded in 1917. With a suggestion from Edward Gans, associated with Editor and Publisher in New York, J. T. Kavanaugh of the Dayton News called a meeting for October 30, 1917, in Columbus, Ohio, to discuss the problems of newspaper circulation.

At that meeting, the Ohio Circulation Managers Association was organized with J. T. Kavanaugh being elected as president. Clem O’Rourke of the Dayton Journal-Herald was appointed to be responsible for entertainment. The first membership meeting was held April 2, 1918, at the Miami Hotel in Dayton, Ohio. Thirty newspapers were represented at the meeting.

Some of those in attendance at the first meeting were: Edward Gans, Editor and Publisher; J. T. Kavanaugh, Dayton News; Leslie Sauers, Zanesville Signal; P.W. Stiles, Middletown Journal; J. J. Quillan, Canton Repository; C. S. Wilson, Columbus Dispatch; B. J. Ullman, Youngstown Vindicator; E. L. Cohan, Cincinnati Commercial Tribune; C. D. O’Rourke, Dayton Journal-Herald; Ben Miles, Lima Republican Gazette; Stephen Weber, Hamilton Journal; W. L. West, Lima News; R. F. Hedges, Sidney Journal; J. C. Woods, Marion Star; H. L. Laudes, Springfield Sun; Victor Adler, Springfield News; W. J. Galvin, Wilmington News; H. S. Seymour, Akron Beacon Journal; A. J. Lisbon, Journal; and Herman Denman, Coshocton Tribune.

Over the years, OCMA strengthened its membership to the point where most Ohio newspapers had at least one circulation executive as a member of the association. Many newspapers had multiple members participating. In addition to the regular membership, many newspaper-related suppliers joined as Associate Members.

A number of members acted as Secretary Treasurer since that first meeting. Those most recently doing so include the following: Worthy Gee, The Columbus Dispatch, 1967-1971; Norman Rathke, The Toledo Blade, 1972-1983; Walter Santel, Cincinnati Enquirer, 1984-1988; Fred Weber II, Athens Messenger, 1988-1994; Bill Bockwich, The Plain Dealer, 1995-2001; Brian Barker, 2001-2011; and Carol Huddleston, 2011-2013.

The first woman to be elected to the Board of Directors was Leslie Counts, Lorain Journal. Leslie was later elected as the first woman president of OCMA in 1988. In 1978, to add continuity to the Board of Directors, the by-laws were amended to include two past presidents on the board for two-year staggered terms. In 1982, OCMA was incorporated as a Tennessee Corporation. King, Bellow and Little (Mike Zinser) served as counsel. More recently in OCMA’s history, Zinser and Patterson served as legal counsel.

The Glenn L. Cox Carrier Achievement Awards program was established in 1952 to honor youth newspaper carriers throughout Ohio. Over the years a number of changes have been made to enhance the program. The program now recognizes carriers in three different age-related categories, which are Youth, Adult and Senior. An award program is held annually with the award presented at the fall circulation conference. The award was named for the founder of the program, Glenn L. Cox, former circulation director of the Dayton Daily News.

In 1982, the Board of Directors established the OCMA Presidential Award. OCMA members in good standing who have made a considerable contribution to the success and betterment of the association or who have made an outstanding contribution to the circulation profession may be nominated for the award. The selection committee is chaired by the immediate past president. The award is presented once in a calendar year, not necessarily annually. To date, nineteen individuals have received the award.

OCMA, in recent years, had established a variety of training programs for its members. Most popular programs were in the area of district manager training, customer service training and legal training conducted by Mike Zinser. The association was recognized to be a leader in the training area as well as one of the stronger circulation associations in the country in general.

The Ohio News Media Association continues key activities of the OCMA with the ONMA Circulation Managers Committee advising the Professional Development Committee on training.

In addition, most of the OCMA’s other activities are now part of the programming of the Ohio News Media Foundation, a 501(c)3, non-profit organization.

Presidents and Conferences

Circulation Presidents and Conferences

*Indicates the individual is deceased


  • Walter Santel, The Cincinnati Enquirer (president)
  • Conferences: May 6-9, Netherlands Hilton, Cincinnati; Oct. 14-16, Sheraton Columbus, Columbus


  • Robert Stenger*, The Plain Dealer (president)
  • Conferences: April 28-30, Cleveland Plaza, Cleveland; Oct. 6-8, Sheraton Westgate, Toledo


  • Robert Spitnale, Dayton Journal Herald (president)
  • Conferences: May 4-6, Salt Fork, Cambridge; Oct. 19-21, Sheraton Columbus, Columbus


  • Bill Aylward, The Akron Beacon Journal (president)
  • Conferences: May 2-4, Sawmill Creek, Huron; Oct. 10-12, Cascade Holiday Inn, Akron


  • Don Davis*, Cambridge Jeffersonian (president)
  • Conferences: May 1-3, Marriott Inn, Columbus; Oct. 2-4, Atwood Lake Lodge, Dellroy


  • Robert Hedrick, The Middletown Journal (president)
  • Conferences: April 30-May 2, Kings Island Inn, Mason; Oct. 8-10, Neil House, Columbus


  • Charles O’Reilly*, Dayton Newspapers (president)
  • Conferences: May 6-8, Stouffer’s, Dayton; Oct. 7-8, Holiday Inn, Perrysburg


  • Robert Ruck*, The Plain Dealer (president)
  • Conferences: April 27-29, Stouffer’s, Cincinnati; Oct. 19-21, Hollenden House, Cleveland


  • John Cain, The Findlay Courier (president)
  • Conferences: May 10-12, Sawmill Creek, Huron; Oct. 11-13, Salt Fork, Cambridge


  • Terry L. DeVassie, The Columbus Dispatch (president)
  • Conferences: May 2-4, Kings Island Inn, Mason; Oct. 10-12, Hyatt Regency, Columbus


  • George E. Coffield, Sidney Daily News (president)
  • Conferences: May 1-3, Quaker Square Hilton, Akron; Oct. 2-4, Hueston Woods Lodge, Oxford


  • Richard Hartle, Dayton Newspapers (president)
  • Conferences: May 6-8, Ramada Aqua Marine, Avon; Oct. 7-9, Marriott Inn, Dayton


  • Tim Lanahan, Troy Daily News (president)
  • Conferences: May 5-7, Sheraton Westgate, Toledo; Oct. 6-8, Netherlands Plaza, Cincinnati


  • Robert Thrasher, The Plain Dealer (president)
  • Conferences: May 4-6, Salt Fork, Cambridge; Oct. 5-7, Hilton South, Cleveland


  • Mitchell Zwolski*, Dayton Newspapers (president)
  • Conferences: May 3-5, Sawmill Creek, Huron; Oct. 4-6, Marriott Inn, Dayton


  • Leslie Counts, Lorain Journal (president)
  • Conferences: May 8-10, Stouffer’s, Dublin; Oct. 2-4, Holiday Inn, Westlake


  • Merwyn Conn*, Wooster Record (president)
  • Conferences: May 7-9, New Market Hilton, Canton; Oct. 1-3, Marriott Portside, Toledo


  • Bill Bockwich, The Plain Dealer (president)
  • Conferences: May 6-8, Hamiltonian, Hamilton; Oct. 7-9, Stouffer Tower City Plaza, Cleveland


  • Mark Ryan, Defiance Crescent News (president)
  • Conferences: May 5-7, Raddison Harbour Inn, Sandusky; Oct. 6-8, Clarion Hotel, Cincinnati


  • Joe Ripberger, The Cincinnati Enquirer (president)
  • Conferences: May 3-6, Crowne Plaza Holiday Inn, Columbus; Oct. 4-6, Hilton Inn at Quaker Square, Akron


  • William Herzig*, The Toledo Blade (president)
  • Conferences: May 2-4, Stouffer Central Plaza, Dayton; Oct. 3-5, Avalon Inn Resort, Warren


  • Michael Gorsich, Massillon Independent (president)
  • Conferences: May 1-3, Hyatt on Capital Square, Columbus; Oct. 2-4, Airport Marriott, Cleveland


  • David Hoskin, The Plain Dealer (president)
  • Conferences: May 7-9, Salt Fork, Cambridge; Oct. 1-3, Maumee Bay Resort, Toledo


  • Mark Keller, Bryan Times (president)
  • Conferences: May 6-8, Mohican State Park, Mansfield; Oct. 6-8, Crowne Plaza, Cincinnati


  • Dick Fuller, Cox Ohio Publishing (president)
  • Conferences: May 4-6, Sheraton Suites, Cuyahoga Falls; Oct. 5-7, Holiday Inn, Fairborn


  • Sam Ronicker, Springfield News-Sun (president)
  • Conferences: May 3-5, Holiday Inn, Lima; Oct. 4-6, Deer Creek State Lodge, Mt. Sterling


  • Herb Baur, The Columbus Dispatch (president)
  • Conferences: May 2-4, Sawmill Creek, Huron; Oct. 3-5, Marriott North, Columbus


  • Bill O’Malley, The Plain Dealer (president)
  • Conferences: May 7-9, Cox Print Technology Center, Dayton; Oct. 1-3, Raddison Hotel, Toledo


  • Jim Nelson, Newark Advocate (president)
  • Conference: Due to the 9/11 tragedy, a circulation conference was not held in 2001.


  • Kim McGinnis, The Courier (president)
  • Conference: Oct. 6-8, Cleveland Marriott Airport, Cleveland


  • Mike Gaither, The Toledo Blade (president)
  • Conference: Oct. 5-7, Hilton Netherland Plaza, Cincinnati


  • Jim DeLuca, The Akron Beacon Journal (president)
  • Conference: Oct. 3-5, Sheraton Suites, Cuyahoga Falls


  • Valecia Quinn, The Cincinnati Enquirer (president)
  • Conference: Oct. 2-4, McKinley Grand Marriott, Canton


  • Rob Jenney, The Findlay Courier (president)
  • Conference: Oct. 1-3, The Findlay Inn, Findlay


  • Bill Stille, The Columbus Dispatch (president)
  • Conference: Oct. 6-8, Drury Inn and Suites, Columbus


  • Brian Barker, The Plain Dealer (president)
  • Conference: Oct. 5-6, Marriott Inn, Dayton


  • Brian Barker, The Plain Dealer (president)
  • Conference: Oct. 3-4, Hilton Garden Inn, Toledo


  • Dan Lias, The Akron Beacon Journal
  • Conference: Oct. 2-3, Sheraton Suites, Cuyahoga Falls


  • Rick Aniol, The Columbus Dispatch (president)
  • Conference: Oct. 2-3, Renaissance Hotel, Columbus


  • Mike Stevens, Cox Ohio Publishing (president)
  • Conference: Sept. 30-Oct. 1, Marriott Inn, Dayton


  • Jeff Cole, The Toledo Blade (president)
  • Conference: Oct. 6-7, Hilton Garden Inn, Toledo-Perrysburg


  • Conference: September 28-29, Kent State University Hotel and Conference Center, Kent


  • Conference: September 27-28, DoubleTree Hotel, Columbus


  • Conference: October 2-3, Nationwide Hotel & Conference Center, Columbus

Mega Summit East

The second annual Mega Summit East was held Sept. 22 to 24 in Pittsburgh.


2016 Circulation Conference Archives

Thank you to everyone who attended this year's circulation conference. Access the links below to download presentations, photos, programs and more information from the conference.

2015 Ohio Circulation Conference Highlights

The 2015 Ohio Circulation Conference was a success! Thank you to everyone who attended, especially our speakers and vendors.

For photos of the conference, you can go to the ONA's Flickr account by clicking here

You can also see presentations made at the conference by clicking on the links below:

Click here to check out past Circulation Conferences.


For information on general training opportunities provided through the Ohio News Media Association, see ONMA’s Training Calendar.

2016 Circulation Training Sessions

Front-Line Management Training for District Managers

Transforming the District Manager's Role for Success

The district managers training on Thursday, April, 28, 2016 at OU - Pickerington Center was a great success!  There were 36 participants who attended a day-long training session focusing on independent contractors with Mike Zinser; tips on succession planning from Nick Monico, Civitas Media; distribution networks with Dave Johnson, Akron Beacon Journal; managing key metrics with Greg Meyers, The Crescent News, Defiance; and driving single copy sales with Jeff Lawson, Gannett Publishing.
A special thank you to the lunch sponsors.  We appreciate your support of the circulation managers!

Schermerhorn Bros Co


Subscriber Promotions

Downloadable training presentations (PDF format)

Mike Zinser, The Zinser Law Firm
Nick Monico, Civitas Media LLC
Greg Meyers, The Crescent News, Defiance
Jeff Lawson, Gannett Publishing Services


 Mike Zinser with Lisa Yaratch, Record Courier, Kent, participating in Judge Mike's session testing her on Ohio laws and recent court rulings.






    Mike Zinser discussing the many aspects of managing      
    independent contractors at the April 28 district managers







2015 Retail Revenue & Sales Strategies

The ONA Circulation managers held a successful and informative Retail Revenue & Sales Strategies at Ohio University - Pickerington Center on August 5, 2015. 

Here are the downloadable training presentation (PDF format)


2014 Ohio Circulation District Manager Training Seminar

The 2014 Ohio Circulation District Manager training seminar was held on Wednesday, April 23 in Pickerington.



Outstanding Carriers

The Carrier of the Year Achievement Awards Program was established in 1952 to honor youth newspaper carriers throughout Ohio. Over the years, a number of changes have been made to enhance the program that is now known as the Ohio Newspaper Carrier of the Year Award. The program and annual awards banquet were originally named for the founder, Glenn L. Cox, former Circulation Manager of the Dayton Daily News.

2019 Carrier of the Year Award Nominations

Nominations are now open for the Carrier of the Year Award. Deadline to nominate is December 20!

About the Awards

Winners receive a cash award of $1000 and a plaque of recognition. Runners-ups receive a $500 cash award and a plaque. Newspapers with a winner or runner-up in this competition will also receive a plaque from ONMA recognizing their carrier's accomplishments.

The selection process is based on a point system, which includes:

  • Route management: including CPM, increase of customer base, level of service
  • Personal, scholastic and community service
  • Supporting documents: such as letters of recommendation, photo, DM letter, other documents


2018 winners

The 2018 Carrier of the Year Awards were presented at the ONMA Convention, which was held February 7-8, 2019, at the new Renaissance Columbus Westerville-Polaris Hotel.

Youth Winner: Willona Schreck from the Sandusky Register

Carrier Youth 2019

In her application, Willona was asked to describe ways she helps her subscribers and she replied: "Some of my customers like to talk to me and give me hugs, so engage in conversation and give them hugs too."

Adult Winner: Darrell Tucker from the Wilmington News Journal

Carrier Adult 2019

Darrell's manager Dawn Gunkle says Darrell arrives for his route every single day at 3 am without ever making a single complaint. ONMA received over 40 letters from Darrell's subscribers recommending Darrell for this year's Carrier of the Year and in those letters provided fantastic testimonials of how Darrell goes above and beyond every single day.

Senior Winner: Jerry Harple from the Sandusky Register

Carrier Senior 2019

When asked why do you like being a carrier, Jerry replied he enjoys being a carrier because he has made so many new friendships over the years and feels the work is not stressful at all. Jerry and his wife do wellness checks on customers if consecutive papers begin to pile up for some of the elderly customers. Jerry takes pride in top notch customer service to the subscribers he serves.

2017 Winners

The 2017 Carrier of the Year Awards were presented at the 2018 ONMA Convention, which was held February 7 & 8 at the Columbus Hilton/Polaris.

Riley BorgerdingRiley Borgerding
Marysville Journal-Tribune
Marysville, OH
2017 Youth Carrier of the Year

In the short time that Riley Bordgerding has been delivering the Journal-Tribune, she has made a large impression with her customers. Each and every day Riley delivers she goes above and beyond to make sure her 93 customers are well taken care of.

‘Reece’-ently, Riley stuffed the Thanksgiving edition with a 2 pack of Reece’s cups to show her appreciation for her customers. Not only did the subscribers appreciate the extra mile that Riley went, so did the Journal-Tribune with a front page story.

Cheryl Welty, Riley’s manager, says “Riley takes the extra effort to correspond with each customer” and “all of her efforts have been rewarded by the customers with a large amounts of tips”.

Julie HeldJulie Held
The Blade
Toledo, OH
2017 Adult Carrier of the Year

Our adult Carrier of the Year winner, Julie Held, has found that “a clean and dry newspaper delivered at a predictable time and place, is the key to keeping the subscribers happy.” With an attitude like Julie’s it goes to show that the doing little things and going the extra mile can make a lasting impact. As her DM, Bob Borer, has the honor and privilege to work with her during her 19 years delivering The Blade.

As a carrier, Julie finds it “ridiculous” to be able to get paid and do what she loves, driving the NW Ohio roads at night and listing to talk radio. Julie’s 230+ subscribers appreciate what she loves to do and the service that she provides them.

Freda EdwardsFreda Edwards
Wilmington News-Journal
Wilmington, OH
2017 Senior Carrier of the Year

One word can be used to describe the Senior Carrier of the Year award winner Freda Edwards, DEDICATED. For the past 40 years, Freda has been delivering newspapers for the News-Journal. In Wilmington. During her carrier, Freda has never missed a delivery day which includes working through illness’ and the dark days when her husband passed away. Freda explains her willingness to work, “you have a job to do and no one is going to do it for you, so you keep on going”. This mentality makes her a favorite amongst her fellow carriers and the staff of the News-Journal.

When Freda is not delivering to her 180+ subscribers, she spends her time baking cookies and other baked goods for her friends and the patients at the local nursing home she visits frequently. Freda’s manager, Dawn Gunkel says, “Freda is one of the kindest people that I know, and I believe if we had more people like her, the world would be a much better place”.

2016 Winners

The 2016 Carrier of the Year Awards were presented at the fall circulation conference, which was held October 2 and 3, 2016 at the Nationwide Conference Center in Columbus.

2016 Youth Winner (up to 18 years of age)
Jacob McNulty, Sentinel-Tribune, Bowling Green, Ohio

Jacob Mcnulty

Jacob started with just 21 papers in the small village of Lucky, Ohio. Luckily for the customers he added two additional routes for a total of 64 customers. He states, “I like being a carrier because you get to meet people in the community that you normally never meet”.

In his three years of service, Jacob has only had one complaint. Hilda Reed, Carrier Supervisor states “during that time he has demonstrated his aptitude for “hands-on” customer service”. One of his customers expressed “Jacob is not just a carrier to me. He is a neighbor and a friend”.

A Senior at Eastwood High School, Jacob excels academically, has won awards as Outstanding Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior for his participation in the choir. He was awarded the Linette Butler Quiz Bowl Award. He enjoys golf, is a member of the varsity baseball team, student council and National Honor Society. Jacob also assisted teaching Fourth Grade Church class, was a cabin leader for Eastwood’s Sixth Grade camp and was chosen to participate in Buckeye Boy’s State.

Runner Up: Will Kring, The Courier, Findlay, Ohio

2016 Adult winner (age 19-54)Levi Rausch
Levi Rausch, The Courier, Findlay, Ohio

To offset the cost of preschool for his children, Levi began delivering The Courier in Arlington, Ohio. Working full time at the Equestrian Center at the University of Findlay, the early hours required of a newspaper carrier helped assure the needed extra income for his family, but more importantly preserved his time to meditate and spend time with his sons.

Delivering for close to four years Levi has an impressive .22 CPT’s while delivering his 138 customers. “Even being hear impaired has not diminished his ability to go above and beyond” is how his District Manager, Earl August describes Levi. Levi makes it very clear that his success in managing his routes is due to the partnership of his wife Carrie. She helps every day in preparing the papers for delivery and manages any customer service concerns.

When not delivering his route, Levi enjoys the outdoors by hunting, running and playing coed softball. You will also find him playing baseball with his sons or swimming with his daughter. Levi is an assistant track coach at Arlington High School and volunteers at his church by providing Bible Study in sign language.

Runner Up: Mark Kunstmann, Sentinel-Tribune, Bowling Green, Ohio

2016 Senior Winner (age 56-over)Homer Mcintyre
Homer McIntyre, Sentinel-Tribune, Bowling Green, Ohio

Our Senior Carrier of the Year award winner represents the Sentinel-Tribune from Bowling Green. Homer McIntyre not only represents an outstanding carrier, he represents and outstanding citizen. Homer says,” I became a carrier for the exercise and opportunity to meet a lot of nice people”. In his case the opposite is true - he became a carrier so that a lot of nice people could meet him. One of his customer states, “He is prompt and very conscientious of all weather conditions. He far exceeds some of my previous carriers.” This 83-year young senior carrier has done much to inspire all of us. Delivering for the past seven years to his nearly 40 customers speaks to his dedication. Having a zero CPT speaks to his service.

Randy Machan, Circulation Director describes Homer as follows, ‘If Homer would not be a Sentinel-Tribune carrier, he would still be an inspiration’. Homer has served our country in two wars - Korea and Vietnam. He obtained the rank of Sergeant Major, the highest enlisted rank in the US Army. He has been recognized for Meritorious Service and received the Army Commendation (Third Oak Leaf Cluster), The Bronze Star and the Purple Heart.

When he has time Homer like watching sports and playing golf. He is a member of the Am-Vets, Disabled American Veterans, Korean War Veterans Association, American Legion, Elks Lodge, and Eagle Lodge in Bowling Green. He is also a life member of the VFW and Military order of the Purple Hearts.

Runner Up: Paula Planck, Marysville Journal Tribune, Marysville, Ohio


2015 Winners

The 2015 Carrier of the Year Awards were presented at the fall circulation conference, which was held September 27 and 28, 2015 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Columbus.

2015 Carriers Year2015 Carrier of the Year Award winners from left to right: Cody Mason, The Findlay Courier (Youth Winner); Malysa Bell, The Toledo Blade (Adult Winner); and Rosemary "Tobi" Cowles, The Toledo Blade (Senior Winner)

About the Winners

2015 Youth Winner (up to 18 years of age): Cody Mason, The Courier, Findlay

Taking over for his older brother, Cody has been delivering The Findlay Courier for a little over a year and a half. As a 15 year old, Cody is learning to become a responsible person and "making sure things get done on my own."

Cody's personality is "other-centered," and it shows as he currently has a 0.0 cpm. Part of why Cody delivers newspapers is that it gives him time to "get to know" the customers on his route. 

When Cody is not delivering The Courier, he spends his free time volunteering in his community and is a three-sport athlete at Riverdale High School.

2015 Adult Winner (age 19-54): Malysa Bell, The Blade, Toledo

For the better part of seven years, Malysa has been able to provide a service to her Toledo Blade customers before they start their day. One of the benefits of delivering that Malysa enjoys is handing a small business and being independent. Customer service is very important to Malysa. She states, "Making sure that my customers are happy is what helps maintain, as well as increase, customers on my route."

Part in what makes Malysa stand out is her involvement in the community. As the co-owner of the animal rescue program, Ford's Angel Paws Foundation, she is front and center in her community. This organization is very important to both Malysa and her fellow neighbors.

With the animal rescue, newspaper routes and seven children and three stepchildren, Malysa does not have a hard time staying busy.

2015 Senior Winner (age 55 and over): Rosemary "Tobi" Cowles, The Blade, Toledo

"Having fun since 1981." That is the motto that Rosemary - or to her friends and family, "Tobi" - has been living by. Starting her first route in 1981, Tobi has been the cornerstone for The Toledo Blade circulation department. With 250+ customers, several things are key to her longevity. "Gas and oil for my car, a good night's sleep and lots of coffee."

Part of what Tobi loves about delivering newspapers is the flexibility of delivery and "wearing clothes you want."

Besides being a dedicated carrier, Tobi enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren. Tobi is currently working on a children's book. 

Past Carrier of the Year Award Winners

  • 2014 Winners: Trey Newell, The Courier, Findlay (Youth Winner); Levi Rausch, The Courier, Findlay (Adult Winner); Wanda PhillipsThe Courier, Findlay (Senior Winner)
  • 2013 Winners: Chance Sonnenberg, The Courier, Findlay (Youth Winner); Ed Rouston, The Courier, Findlay (Adult Winner); Otis Maynard, The Telegram News (Senior Winner) 
  • 2012 Winners
  • 2011 Winners
  • 2010 Winners
  • 2009 Winners
  • 2008 Winners
  • 2007 Winners


President's Award

The President’s Award was established to recognize a member, past or present, active or retired, for outstanding contributions to the circulation profession. The award is not presented annually, only when there is a deserving recipient.

Past Winners

  • 1983: William B. Aylward*, Akron Beacon Journal
  • 1984: Norman C. Rathke*, Toledo Blade
  • 1985: Robert Ruck*, The Plain Dealer
  • 1986: Terry L. DeVassie*, Columbus Dispatch
  • 1987: Walter T. Santel*, Cincinnati Enquirer
  • 1988: Fred Weber*, Athens Messenger; Fred Weber II*, Athens Messenger
  • 1989: Thomas B. Sherrill, Columbus Dispatch
  • 1990: A. Robert Oehler*, Cincinnati Enquirer
  • 1992: John Cain*, Findlay Courier
  • 1993: L. Michael Zinser, Zinser & Patterson
  • 1997: Harry J. Clarke, Harry J. Clarke, ISA
  • 1999: Bill Bockwich*, The Plain Dealer
  • 2000: Kurt P. Kah, Findlay Publishing Co.
  • 2002: Herb Baur*, Columbus Dispatch
  • 2006: Michael Gorsich*, The Times Reporter
  • 2008: Frank Deaner, Ohio Newspaper Association
  • 2009: Dick Fuller*, Toledo Blade
  • 2013: Kim Wilhelm*, The Courier
  • 2014: Valecia Quinn*, The Cincinnati Enquirer and the Chillicothe Gazette
  • 2015: Jeff Cole*, Toledo Blade
  • 2016: Jim Smith, Steel City Corp.

*Past President of the former Ohio Circulation Managers Association