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Facebook gives advertisers more info on where ads are running

From Ad Exchanger

As of Monday, all advertisers on Facebook will be able to see a full list of contextual placements where their ads might appear before a campaign starts and where they actually ran after a campaign ends.

Facebook has been testing this capability for more than a year.

As of last autumn, advertisers were already able to get pre-campaign visibility into where their ads could and did run across Audience Network. Monday’s announcement extends that ability to all contextual placements across Instant Articles and in-stream video, including Watch.

Advertisers can also block their ads from showing up on specific pubs and apps and rule out sensitive categories in advance, such as gambling, “mature” topics or “debatable social issues.”

While any additional transparency into placements is appreciated, said Joshua Lowcock, global brand safety officer at UM, there are more transparency measures that buyers want from Facebook.

For example, advertisers can only get publisher-level lists and reporting, rather than insights into specific URLs, articles and videos.

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